Leila Lallali is a multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin, Germany. Born in Luxembourg, Leila grew up traveling the world with her parents and brothers, privileged to see faraway places, learn about foreign lands and then instilling all she’s seen into her art.

Leila’s work is inspired by travels, may they be real or imaginary. Her practice likes to oscillate between the figurative and the abstract, the undefined.

Leila likes to explore her mind in a very childlike fashion, expressing her world view very playfully yet also with a hint of sarcasm. Her work is characterized by a lot of colour and is almost always infused with a dash of humour.

The artist would like for her work to exist as a counterbalance to the sometimes grim realities of life and make the viewer feel good when looking at her paintings. Ideally, they incite amusement and provoke a little smirk on the viewer's face.

Aside from painting, Leila is an accomplished actor in film, tv and theatre.

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