Leila Lallali was born in Luxembourg but raised on very many travels around the world. She spent her childhood exploring new places, drawing people she met and collecting things she saw.

Leila is a graduate of the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York (USA) and is a regular on European theatre stages as well as in front of the camera. In the UK, Leila was recently seen as Eva Schlesinger in the critically acclaimed production of Kindertransport by Diane Samuels, directed by Anne Simon. In France, Leila will be back on stage with Revolt. She said. Revolt again. (in French) by Alice Birch, directed by Sophie Langevin at Avignon OFF in 2019.

Most recently, Leila appeared in Ivan Kavanagh’s western Never Grow Old, Gintare Parulyte’s short film Is that, like, your real job? and Sofija Sztepanov's Antifeminist which premiered at the Reykjavik International Film Festival.

Leila performs in English, German, French and Luxembourgish and is incredibly passionate about accents.

Parallel to this, she still devotes herself to the visual arts and is always busy painting, photographing or exploring her newly found interest in weaving. To check out Leila's paintings, click here .

Leila is based in Berlin, Germany.

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